Miami Marketta, Drag Queen Bingo – Gold Coast

Gosh after almost 4 months we were going to see a show, a live performance, right in front of us and no not on the telly. Couldn’t almost believe it myself! My how times have changed. During lock down I dreamt of going to the pub, buying a beer on the tap and also seeing live theatre, comedy, singing or dancing. Imagine my surprise to learn once restrictions were eased, that Miami Marketta were once again offering guests the chance to buy tickets to Drag Queen Bingo.

This MA18+ show is engaging, funny, entertaining and the bingo hysterical! Like many of you I felt starved of the enjoyment of live performances. I’m not taking away from the human suffering and casualties that Covid has created I am merely giving my opinion on the sadness I also felt of losing our live Arts/Culture scene. It was delightful to see a show and I enjoyed seeing other people out and about as well.

I’m jumping ahead though, lets chat about Miami Marketta. Offering locals and visitors a like a great option of Street Food Laneway Dining. Open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights in Miami Gold Coast, this laneway dining experience offers food from vendors of all nationalities in the one space.

What I love about Marketta is that for a night venue they are very family oriented and they offer outdoor dining experiences. Any ticketed live shows are performed in a private Covid friendly space – Studio 56 and away from families. There are also four onsite bars serving boutique wine, locally brewed beer and specialty cocktails.

A great covid safe plan, when we first arrived on site we scanned the QR code and checked in. Hand sanitiser located all around the venue, set timings for your dining stay and adhering to covid plan only a certain number of patrons allowed on site (as you’ll see from the below pic).

The food at Marketta is always good, I try a different vendor every time (to share the love). Marketta were also offering a drive though version prior to opening their doors to the public which allowed the food vendors to still sell their produce, make a living so you pay for the items and order online then drive through the venue in your car to collect your yummy delights. Talking about taking drive through to a whole new level! Such an innovative and progressive way to conduct business.

Drag Queen Bingo was hosted by Natasha St. James and Miss Violet Velvet they really bring the party, incredible energy and fun to your Bingo game. Best part is that some of the proceeds of the tickets go to supporting local Australian charities. This was the return of Drag Queen Bingo since Covid lockdown and the Divas did not Disappoint! They were Fierce! Loved every minute of the show.

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